Invicta watches for men

7 Best-Selling Invicta Watches for Men

Perhaps you could say that Invicta is a brand that divides beliefs. Still, be that as it may, it is also a watch brand that has a place in the timepiece market. The fuss often arrives from intense watch nerds. This is usually because Invicta watches are typically not works of fine mechanical craftsmanship. What’s more, they also tend to have some rather unique and daring designs.

Still, is that what you want to go for? If so, at a reasonable expense, Invicta watches for men may still be for you.

Speaking of best-selling Invicta watches for men, there are a few amazing deals on Amazon right now. From Invicta Pro Diver Automatic to Invicta Pro Diver Grand Diver, there are many superb options that you can check out at the moment.

The Narrative

Invicta is a brand with a long and prosperous narrative. What’s more, it is so old that its narrative dates back to 1837, when the business was established as a Swiss watch firm by Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The narrative of Invicta hasn’t been noticeable, however. The business went bankrupt in the early 1980s and was then sold to Ondix S.A in 1983. The corporation persisted in making Invicta watches in Bielle, Switzerland.

Due to the lowering rage of Invicta and the number of timepieces sold, the firm went bankrupt. The Invicta brand would remain resting for some time until 1991 when it was cultivated and re-established by an American firm.

Now, Invicta is in Hollywood, Florida. This narrative is quite impressive because today, Invicta is seen strictly as an American company even though it has seeds and a long history in Switzerland.

Truthfully, if you look at the vintage models the brand made during this time, they’ll look nothing like what you connect with Invicta today. These watches are almost as refined as vintage Longines, Omega, or Tissot watches.

Moreover, being based in Switzerland naturally influenced this as well. Still, since then, Invicta has taken an entirely new approach. While some brands like Rolex and Omega seek motivation from their vintage past, the image is that Invicta looks ahead to the future.

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There Is More to This

Another rationale why this association has gotten lost throughout the decades and in recent times is that it is not the main focus. Invicta mainly concentrates on making trendy fashion watches for those who want a sporty and trendy timepiece. Invicta’s primary target audience today isn’t hard-core watch devotees.

In this guide, we are peeking at the best and most popular Invicta watches for all styles and preferences. Let’s hop into the full list of these trendy watches down below!

Best-Selling Invicta Watches for Men

Invicta Speedway Steel Chronograph 9211#1 Invicta Men’s Speedway Collection

This timepiece frankly stands out from what Invicta is known for – making fierce, huge, and sturdy watches. Rather, this is a classic, sleek, and universal watch with a sporty composition. Moreover, its design is uplifted by one of the most iconic timepieces in the world, the Rolex Daytona.

It’s cool that this timepiece has a 39.5mm case which is basically the same as a Daytona. This suggests that it will suit many wrist sizes and not feel too sturdy and chunky on the wrist. The case has a mineral crystal and a set glossy bezel with a tachymeter scale. The viscosity is also very good at 14mm.

The watch dial is straightforward and clean. Still, it accomplishes this without distressing details that guarantee it stays relevant and isn’t sensed as boring. It has a white background with a textured finish which delivers some profundity to the timepiece. It is a watch that works ideally for everyday wear and almost any occasion.

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Invicta Speedway Gold Chronograph#2 Invicta Speedway Gold Chronograph

Do you want a chef-d’oeuvre, trendy watch, this is a more refined version with a ”two-tone” gold and steel finish. The timepiece has the same stainless steel case with a size of 39.5mm. Speaking of the gold touch, it comes in the form of a yellow-gold finish bezel.

The tachymeter scale is of course inscribed on it. Speaking of the dial, Invicta has chosen a white dial. It truly gives a fresh and elegant look and pairs well with yellow gold.

Rather than black panda sub-dials, it has yellow gold sub-dials which go flawlessly with the yellow gold. The dial also contains metal hour markers with a glow applied to them. The water resistance of this timepiece is quite solid at 200m. That indicates you can go diving and swim with it without any issues.

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Invicta Pro Diver Automatic 5053#3 Invicta Pro Diver Automatic 5053

One of the best ones on this list of Invicta watches for men. Do you want a traditional and sporty dive watch with a bright twist? If that is a yes, this Pro Diver 5053 is a wonderful cheap option. This timepiece has a 40mm stainless steel case and a viscosity of 14mm. It has a classic setup that is very clearly uplifted by the iconic Rolex Submariner.

The crown is safe between crown guards. Moreover, the case has brushed lugs with shiny sides. It’s impressive to see how a timepiece in this price range, can have such a nice finished case with excellent attention to detail. Surely, being a dive watch, it has a one-way rotating bezel.

The bezel has an aluminum insert. Half of the bezel is blue and the other half is red. At midnight, it has a luminous pip as well.

To match the bezel, it has a dark blue dial with spread metal hour markers loaded with a glow. The hands are filled with a glow, too. The lime isn’t the best and there is space for advancement here.

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Invicta Men's Specialty Quartz#4 Invicta Men’s Specialty Quartz

This model is a sporty and masculine watch. Notably, it is not the fiercest or the best one that Invicta presents. But, it’s still a great option if you only want a sporty timepiece on your wrist.

It has a 45mm steel case with a thickness of 12.5mm. The crown is protected by a crown guard, and the case seems slightly bigger. This happens because of the chronograph pushers on the sides. What stands out about this timepiece is the striking bezel structure with sporty edges. The bezel includes a blue aluminum insert.

The dial has a sloped chapter ring on which sits the tachymeter scale. The base of the dial is blue as well and also has a pleasant brushed finish. The dial has big white Arabic numerals. These go well together with its everyday purpose.

This isn’t a dive watch. Notably, its water resistance of 100m should be okay for most events. It can take water splashes and even short spans of swimming.

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Invicta Pro Diver Gold#5 Invicta Pro Diver Gold

This diver truly stands out from the crowd. Notably, this one is a perfect option for those who enjoy the design of dive watches, but also want something more memorable, striking, and daring. Speaking of Invicta watches for men, this model has a yellow-gold finish.

It includes a 30mm gold-tone case and has a matching three-link Oyster-style bracelet. The bezel contains a nicely opposing black aluminum bezel insert. Moreover, it also has a bright pip at noon.

In addition, the dial is also black and has metal hour markers. These markers have yellow-gold edges and a luminescent filling. The movement is an automatic Japanese caliber NH35A.

The water resistance is relatively good at 200m and suitable for swimming and a bit of diving. Generally speaking, this Invicta Pro Driver takes all of the classic design elements of a dive watch and ends that in an all-gold look. All-gold timepieces are definitely not for everyone. Still, it truly makes you stand out from the ordinary.

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Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Gold & Steel#6 Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Gold & Steel

The Invicta Pro Diver is Invicta’s most prevalent watch. Notably, it is not that hard to see why that is the case! It has the traditional Rolex Submariner-inspired structure but has a yellow-gold finish for extra elegance.

The watch has a traditional size of 40mm. Also, it has a thickness of 12.5m which should suit most men. The case mixes brushed and polished pieces that are solid. Certainly, a yellow gold crown is covered by a crown guard who climbs from the case.

It contains a gold bezel with a black, differing aluminum bezel insert and a radiant pip at noon. The watch is powered by the solid quartz caliber PC32. Also, it has a water resistance of 200m.

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The next model on this list of Invicta watches for men is a clean and simple dive watch. It has a traditional dive-watch-inspired design, very clearly motivated by the iconic Rolex Submariner.

The timepiece has a stainless steel case with a diameter of 47mm. Notably, it is a bit on the gigantic side. Moreover, it has a thickness of 14.44mm. As a diver should, it is fitted with a rotating bezel with a black aluminum insert and a glowing pip at noon.

A Japanese Automatic movement can be seen through the see-through case back. This is a pleasant touch that will be appreciated by watch enthusiasts.

It also has a three-link Oyster-Style bracelet with a fold-over clasp. Similar to many Invicta watches, it includes a mineral crystal on top.

Speaking of water resistance, it is up to 300m/660 feet. So, as we mentioned, it’s a true diver!

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Invicta Watches Are Swiss-Made?

If you think about the incredibly affordable prices of Invicta watches, it’s not a surprise that most Invicta timepieces are not Swiss-made. Invicta has some Swiss-made timepieces. Still, most of them are not really produced in Switzerland.

Invicta does have a devoted Swiss-made section on its site where you can see all their Swiss-made timepieces. So, Invicta does advertise itself as a Swiss watchmaker to some degree. Yet, as noted, while they do make some Swiss-made timepieces, most of them are not.

Invicta is an American firm that makes some Swiss Made watches. Still, it is not a Swiss business, nor fully committed to making solely Swiss watches.

As examined earlier, Invicta was launched as a Swiss watch firm in 1837 by Raphael Picard in Switzerland. Still, it was reconstructed in 1991 and was obtained by an American enterprise.

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Are Invicta Luxury Watches?

Not really. Invicta is not one of the luxury brands, nor is it attempting to be. Invicta concentrates on making trendy and cheap watches.

Moreover, it does this differently, not to connect with the concept of a luxury brand. Simultaneously, some Invicta watches for men are made to look like luxury watches with rather striking designs. So if you want a cheap wristwatch that looks more luxurious and flashy than its price tag indicates, Invicta could be a proper option.

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Final Verdict

So, these were our top picks when it comes to the best-selling Invicta watches for men. You can see that there are numerous cool and solid models. Hopefully, now you have a clearer picture of what the brand stands for.

Also, we hope that we have helped you find the model that suits your style best! Enjoy!