14 Best Diamond Watches for Men

14 Best Diamond Watches for Men

You may be thinking that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Yet, is it written in Sanscrit they can’t be a men’s best friend too? After you see the diamond watches for men in this guide, you will see that diamonds don’t have to be striking to make a statement.

Watches with lots of diamond elements are more recurring out there. Yet, it relies on the model. Whatever your style, you can choose a timepiece that has a tiny number of diamonds. Hence, a more peaceful offering, or you can go out and exhibit your bling.

Entirely your choice. The bigger the diamonds, the bigger the price tag. But when cash is no obstacle, the sky’s the limit. Let’s check out some of the best diamond watches for men you can purchase today.

From Omega Constellation Blue Dial, Cartier Santos, and Patek Philippe to IWC Portofino Automatic, there are so many great diamond watches for men.

What Are the Best Diamond Watches for Men?

Below, you will discover some of the best diamond watches for men on the market. Perhaps you will find out which one suits you best!

Omega Constellation Blue Diamond Dial#1 Omega Constellation Blue Dial

From the finest watchmaker on the earth comes this great men’s watch that is ideal for more dressy occasions.

The blue dial and diamond hour markers, just like the diamond-set bezel offer this watch just sufficient bling without being too splashy.

The black leather band and the silver case complete each other flawlessly. The timepiece also has a chronometer and a date display precisely at the 6 o’clock dial.

You can check it out on Amazon.com

Tudor Royal#2 Tudor Royal

This timepiece arrives in a broad collection of sizes and designs to please a big audience. There are more than 50 varieties out there, so you can truly find one to your preference. The magnificence of this brand is that it delivers entry-level prices for its diamond watches for men.

That is fantastic, as well as the fact these quality men’s watches are more accessible. This special model is sporty and water resistant as well. One more amazing quality is its integrated stainless steel shape.

You can check it out on Jomashop.com

Cartier Santos#3 Cartier Santos

The king of iced-out style, this unique timepiece from Cartier delivers you tons of bling. Even though it has the most diamonds, the white gold case is just 35mm across. The watch showcases a white face and a blue dial with black Roman numerals.

With a lot of attention to detail, the bracelet is made from a two-strap with the “QuickSwitch” system. The truth is that they did not overdo it with a diamond bracelet. So, this provides it with a muffled effect. An extremely elegant yet refined offering that is also waterproof.

You can check it out on Uverly.com

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Rolex Datejust 36#4 Rolex Datejust 36

The best of all diamond watches for men! Rolex Datejust 36 screams sophistication. This is the ideal sample of the fine bling you can get. Showcasing a glowing blue dial that makes a stunning backdrop, this 36mm timepiece is a classic Rolex.

One of their most widespread models, it is precious because of the no-frills sophisticated markers that make for a less noticeable display. Just because it is a luxury timepiece, that does not mean it’s breakable and can’t resist everyday wear.

The sapphire crystal is strong, and the diamonds are rather sturdy too. So don’t stress about any breakage. Make sure to appreciate your regular activities, as this Rolex diamond watch is strong enough.

You can check it out on Jomashop.com

Piaget Altiplano#5 Piaget Altiplano

This diamond watch for men from Piaget is refined and sleek. It showcases a gradient blue dial that looks extra rich and offers great play when it comes in touch with light.

Relying on the inclination you hold it, the dial can dim to throw a black or to a shiny blue.

The lugs and thin bezel show just a hint of added bling without overwhelming the played-down polish of this watch. What’s more, the blue leather band is just what was needed to finalize the look.

You can check it out on Piaget.com

Patek Philippe Chronograph#6 Patek Philippe Chronograph

If you don’t know which brand to choose when shopping for a diamond watch, with Patek Philippe, you can’t go wrong.

They have a couple of choices in this class, but this model is unique. It utilizes baguette diamonds in its bezel, something that is relatively rare. The indexes and markers have diamonds as well for a little added luxury.

Even though the watch has lots of intricacies, they balanced it in such a way that it looks played down. The black dial makes the gold elements stand out amazingly, and the leather strap gives it an aura of refinement.

You can check it out on Amazon.com

Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8-Day#7 Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8-Day

More often than not, the brand does not discharge watches with mixed jewels, yet this model is an exception.

Diamonds and sapphires decorate the dial, and the sapphire in the crown makes the timepiece differ from its regular offerings. Yet, they retained their x Zaratsu shining to their 43mm platinum case.

A rugged watch with a spring drive movement as well as a screw-down crown provides water resistance up to 100 meters.

The platinum timepiece is a great change from the standard yellow gold you see everywhere. Moreover, it is also more valuable while being less showy.

You can check it out on Grand Seiko

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Celestial 18K Gold Diamond#8 Patek Philippe Grand Complications Celestial 

Another sample from the great Patek Philippe, this timepiece showcases a superb design. Moreover, it is part of its Grand Complication collection. The bezel is fixed with 38 baguette diamonds, and the sky-chart dial features silver-toned hands and a date scale on its outer rim.

The moon phase operation, on top of all the great functions and unique design, stands out the most. This diamond watch for men arrives with a 44mm 18k white gold case with a blue leather band.

You can check it out on Jomashop.com

Bulgari Octo L’Originale Watch#9 Bulgari Octo L’Originale Watch

This entirely beautiful piece of art needs respect and appreciation. Then let’s get to the elements that make it so amazing. The thin bezel with the baguette diamonds pops beneath the light, yet they craft it.

That way, you can see the clean 44mm platinum case and the skeleton movement.

The watch presents a window into its complex mechanics under the sapphire crystal. Comprehended as the “Roman Jeweller Of Time”, Bulgari has its unique character. The components and craftsmanship are outstanding, and the price is known upon demand.

You can check it out on Bulgari.com

Hublot Classic Fusion Diamond Pave Dial Titanium#10 Hublot Classic Fusion Diamond Pave Dial

This amazing diamond watch for men is certainly for the guys who like to show off. This rich design will draw glares on your wrist.

It showcases a diamond pave dial and a diamond titanium case. Moreover, it has a set diamond bezel.

Not only dazzling, but this timepiece also presents remarkable functionality. It showcases automatic movement, a 42-hour power reserve, and is waterproof up to 50 meters.

You can check it out on Amazon.com

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle#11 Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle

Both elegant and modern, this model from Vacheron Constantin is a manually curved chronograph that mixes 18k rose gold and 82 diamonds only on the bezel. Truly deserves to be on this list of the best diamond watches for men.

This watch is suitable for dressy affairs. Moreover, you will definitely look like you belong everywhere while having this stunning men’s accessory.

The diamond hour markers and the general traditional simplicity of this watch make it a great antique.

You can check it out on Jomashop.com

Breitling Galactic 41 Diamond Mother of Pearl#12 Breitling Galactic 41 Diamond Mother of Pearl

Are you after a modern and functional diamond watch for men? If that is a yes, this Breitling’s Galactic 41 automatic timepiece is an outstanding choice for your wrist.

This elegant watch showcases a stainless steel case, mother of pearl dial, luminescent hands, diamond hours markers, date display, and water resistance up to 300m. That is a fact!

This one is a truly great addition to our list of the best diamond watches for men with a good reason!

You can check it out on Jomashop.com

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust White Mother of Pearl Diamond Men’s Watch#13 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Mother of Pearl

For the people who wish to buy a luxury diamond watch, a Rolex is an evident option. The prestigious trademark makes excellent watches, as we know.

Moreover, its Oyster Perpetual Datejust Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial Watch is one of its finest on the market. The elegant silver-tone design showcases a 41mm stainless steel casing.

It has a white gold bezel as well as diamond hour markers. It likewise brags an automated movement that has a 70-hour power resource. It is water-resistant to 100 meters.

You can check it out on Jomashop.com

IWC Portofino Automatic Diamond Black Dial #14 IWC Portofino Automatic Diamond Black Dial 

So, here you have the last one from our list of the best diamond watches for men. Whether you are a fan of a luxury style for the office or are you after an elegancy for formal events, the IWC Portofino Watch makes a superb investment.

With a silver dial and set bezel set with bright diamonds, this sleek watch is refined and modern.

Its functionality is also exceptional, showing its user an automatic movement, 42 hours of power reserve, 30-meter water resistance, as well as a date display.

You can check it out on Jomashop.com

Final Verdict

So, here is the end of our guide for the best diamond watches for men. We hope you found the information you needed on your diamond watch-seeking journey.